Wednesday, October 1, 2014

FILM FERRANIA - New Film! FPP Epiosde 110!

Film Photography Podcast – Episode 110 – October 1st, 2014
Show Notes By Alex Luyckx

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In the studio today with Michael Raso is Mark Dalzell, John Fedele, Dane Johnson, Leslie Lazenby, and Mat Marrash! Topics include three fantastic interviews with Film Ferrania, FoJo, and The Impossible Project, Book of the Month, Film and TLR Love and the unique Foldex 20 camera! Keep us online!

Film Ferrania Reborn!! Still and Cine Film Coming!

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Hunter “Man-On-The-Street” White interviews none other than Mister Dave Bias. If you’re thinking the name is familiar then you’re right! Dave has moved on from his role in the Impossible Project and has joined up with the team at Film Ferrania!

above: Mr Dave Bias in New York City / Image: Film Photography Project - Ferrania Factory, Italy / Image courtesy Film Ferrania

The Italian Film manufacturer is making a comeback! The massive factory complex that was shut down back in 2010 is slowly being prepared to start producing film again! They’re hoping to get a small batch of stock ready for the near future! Dave is excited, considering that unlike Impossible that had to scrounge up equipment and material, Ferrania was basically mothballed and saved intact by the Italian Government who has played a major role in getting the factory up off the ground.

above: Film Ferrania founder Nicola Baldini / Ferrania film Kickstarter pack!

The goal is to get one the only four fully self-contained film manufacturing plant back up and running, the team has been working around the clock to make sure the equipment can be run constantly. So what product is going to be coming out, slide film of course, the one thing that has really fallen by the wayside with only Fuji producing new stocks of Chrome films. The first off the line will be an ASA-100 film, which is based on the Scotch Chrome formula, but there are plans to bring 400 and possibly 3200 speeds into the market. Format wise they’re working with 35mm and 120 in still photography along with Super 8 and 16mm for motion picture. Get in on the excitement by supporting Film Ferrania’s KICKSTARTER Campaign here -

Impossible Project Update!
FPP Super-friend Dan, better known as Nano_Burger on Flickr had a chance to check out this year’s Photokina event in Germany and managed to snag a pair of interviews with some of the dealers. First up is Danny, the PR guy from the Berlin office of the Impossible project brings some updates. First off is a twist on the classic square with their round-frame 600 film.

above: The new "round"Polaroid! The Impossible Project Instant Lab!

If you remember the Instant Lab, which allows you to print photos from your smart phone screen onto Impossible Project Film - they’re bringing a new version to market to work with Android phones, Tablets, and the iPhone 6.

above: It's all-around-great guy Nano_Burger Dan! (with wife, Caitlin. Was taken on a cell phone and printed with the Impossible Instant Lab!) Photokina images courtesy Dan!

In the film stock category, new formulas for their 8x10 PQ line of films and an improved colour formula will be coming out as well which features shorter development time! Also, a new B&W film that doesn’t require shielding! The most exciting news is that they’re finally bringing their camera to market! Yes a brand new camera designed for Impossible film will be out Summer of 2015!!

FoJo, You Know!
A rather unique idea, the guys at FoJo are in the manufacturing stage of making a new enlarger that is driven by your smart phone. That’s right, using your smart phone to project a digital negative through a lens and onto traditional paper and make prints!

above: The Fo Jo!!!

They even have an app that will allow you to tweak the image in phone before printing, or using traditional techniques. Best part, it also works on regular 35mm and 120 film, and uses your phone as the light source. The enlarger alone costs 200$ or get it with trays and a safelight to really get started for 300$. They’re not ready yet, so sign up at: to pre-order or get the latest news!

Making Kodak Film – The Book!
Ever wondered how Kodak makes their superb line-up of film? Want to know about the complexities behind the K-14 process and Kodachrome films? Then the book of the month is for you! Making Kodak Film by Robert L. Shanebrook is now into its second printing! Mat says this is the perfect book for the science heads or just those interested in the process behind film, want to order the book head over to: to put in an order!

For the Love of TLR Cameras!
Bringing back the TLR love from Episode 109 but now with the addition of Mat and Leslie! Both of them are big fans of the camera, great way to shoot medium format and certainly have style. Leslie even has a Rolleiflex Automat, one of the first TLRs to feature automatic frame counters rather than the old red/green window. The Automats were produced between 1937 and 1957. Leslie loves to shoot architecture with them. Plus the 6x6 format works great if you want to post film shots to your Instagram account!

above: TLR love! Dane loves Funky Film!

Dane’s Funky Film Fun!
Dane loves film, and he shoots pretty much anything he can get his hands on. Current favourites include the Foto 200 from Svema along with the various and odd motion picture films avail be in the FPP On-Line Store - Eastman Double-X, Polypan-F, and more! Each film produces their own unique look, and he loves it.

above: The Foldex - it takes 120 AND 620 film!!!

Photak Foldex 120 and 620! What!?
Mark shows off a recent flea market purchase, part of a massive 15$ lot of accessories and cameras, the Foldex 20 by Pho-Tak is basically a medium format folding box camera. A fixed focus 105mm with fixed aperture and shutter speed. For a box camera it has some interesting features, an M-Sync’d hotshoe and the most unique part…it takes both 120 and 620 film, without need for adapters or changing settings.

That’s it for this show, but don’t fret we’ll be back in a short two weeks with the big 5-year anniversary show (What Show?) But stay online for a new track from Darren "Ballard Pop" Reilly’s new EP Napoleon!