Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Mall

Post Apocalyptic Mall

A morning at Englishtown Flea Market with the FPP Jersey Boys. ( www.englishtownauction.com/ ). I told the boys, "If the world ended, this is what the Mall would look like for any survivors!"

Holga 120 / Kodachrome 64

This bargain hunter's paradise of today dates back to 1929. Originating as a meeting place for farmers to buy, trade and sell livestock, farm equipment and produce.

Today, Englishtown Auction Sales, the largest of its kind and the perfect place to find vintage camera gear
Shopping After The  Apocalypse

Stumpf Fiddle Number 4352

above: Marl Dalzell on the prowl for used photo and music gear. He finds a Stumpf Fiddle. below: John Fedele, Dane Johnson and Mark ready to feast at Bubbas’ Barbikyu. Bubbas' is a lunch wagon at the Englishtown flea market.  ( John is holding Mark's end-of-the-world instrument - The Stumpf Fiddle!)

Prepare for the Meat Sweats

Hear the Stumpf Fiddle! - http://www.foglizard.com/thesmoovesailors/audio/wilhelm_fart_060413.mp3

photos by Michael Raso
Canon T50
Tamron 28 – 70mm f3.5 FD lens
Lucky BW Aerial Spy Film - Fuji Neopan 400 (and other stocks)
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