Monday, February 16, 2009

Off Brand

Off-Brand FD Lens - Vivitar 28 - 200mm Zoom Lens

I really have a soft spot for off-brand products. You know – off brand, generic “knock-offs” of the real thing. Most products from breakfast cereals to home electronics have them. Cheaper products manufactured by a competitive company. My first zoom lens for my Canon AE-1 Program 35mm SLR camera was a Vivitar brand zoom lens. I was 16 years old at the time and so thrilled to have a zoom lens that I didn’t even think of it as a knock-off of the “authentic” Canon glass.

Recently I dug out all of my analog 35mm film camera gear (now almost antiques!) and decided to get back into snapping photos. It’s been 15 years since I touched these cameras and was kind of amazed that everything was exactly as I left it…dust free in their bags. With thousands and thousands of people across the world literally dumping their film camera gear, it’s been a real joy to purchase additional cameras and lenses on e-bay. Authentic Canon glass…now at my fingertips…at a fraction of the original cost! And now that I own the coveted Canon 17mm prime lens…and that Canon 300mm prime lens…I still find myself transfixed on e-bay auctions pondering and many times bidding on the odd, cheap off-brands. The Vivitar 28 – 200mm zoom. The Super Cosina 70 – 300mm zoom. The fast Sigma 28 – 70mm f2.8 zoom. They’re cheaper than Canon – but are lighter and offer more flexibility – explaining why I always have them when I’m on the go…leaving the heavier, more expensive glass at home.

pictured below: Obama Bread in the window at Amy's Bread on 9th Avenue in NYC. My favorite shot so far this year - photographed with the most inexpensive off brand lens that I own - the Phoenix 24mm FD Lens for Canon. Canon body was the 1966 FT QL.

Obama Bread at AMY'S BREAD

Obama Bread at AMY'S BREAD