Friday, September 13, 2013

Shooting Film on Summer Vacation!

Little Ollie on Surf Patrol

This past August I had a lovely opportunity to spend an entire week with loved ones in beautiful Ocean City, New Jersey. You might think that my day-to-day vocation of working/shooting film and producing The Film Photography Podcast had me a wee-bit burnt out on shooting film – no way!

The trip away from the studio was an excellent opportunity to shoot some new-to-me film stocks and some cameras I have yet to handle. Here are a few examples of the images I shot.

Top shot: Since discovering the "mother lode" of 1980s Debonair 120 film cameras back in 2012 and launching the "Get a Debonair" campaign on The FPP, I've yet to see a disappointing shot! Here's little Ollie the Japanese Chin shot on Kodak Hawkeye Traffic Surveillance film

Castles in the Air

above: What's a worthy successor to the discontinued Kodak Plus-X? The little known Eastman Double-X 5222! It's a motion picture film that easy to shoot and has a gorgeous look!

The Strand - Ocean City NJ USA

above: Night shot of The Strand ( ) on Fuji IT-N 35mm film. Holding steady(!) shooting iso 6!!!! The awesome Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM lens certainly helped to keep things steady. Lens mounted on the new-to-me Canon EOS Rebel Ti

Surf's Up!

Above: Another image using the unusual Fuji IT-N asa 6 film. The film was designed to be a dupe film. Always fun results when run through my camera! Surf's Up! (7th Street Surf Shop -

The Warmth of the Sun

One of the most exciting things for me is testing unusual and rare film stocks. Here the Ocean City NJ beach at golden hour shot on the Ukrainian Astrum Color 125. The film has a great yet offbeat palette of color. Scans great and always a tad grindy! 

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