Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes, Failure can be Beautiful.

With the amount of expired Polaroid Film out there, follow Polaroid photographer Ellen Jo Roberts tipped me off to a group (started by daser) that unites users of expired film via a group on FLICKR called POLAROID FAIL!

Bad Day for the Joycam
Failed exposures from the "oddball" Polaroid 500 format. The Polaroid 500 format was introduced in 1993 and never caught the imagination (or sales) of the picture-taking public.
non-image by me, Michael Raso

"Jammed film. Roller failure. Half exposures." It's all in this fab, new Flickr group!

expired captiva instant film- test shot of floyd & ivan
photo by EllenJo
Expired, defunct and forgotten - The Polaroid Joycam and 500 film format


Fresher, fun days! Canadian TV spot for the Polaroid Joycam. Folks in this commercial using Polaroid 500 film.


I've been experimenting with expired Polaroid films over the last 6 months and have found that most packs pre-2004 will...FAIL. :(

failure - Polaroid 500
Me after discovering that a $30. pack of film (purchased on e-bay) just jammed my new Polaroid Captiva camera (spilling caustic chemicals inside)

In 1993 Polaroid hired comedian Sinbad to star in a series of commercials for the new Polaroid Captiva / Polaroid 500 film


Sometimes, Failure can be Beautiful.

SX-70 Sonar OneStep
polaroid 600 film (without ND filter!)
expired 04-2003

Image by Julio Muñoz

picture in picture (take 1)
Image by sempull_tampush
picture in picture (take 1)

Remember expired film users...
"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
- Winston Churchill

The Polaroid Fail! Gallery

Join us on Flickr!


Michael Raso
In 2009, I launched The Film Photography Podcast, an hour-long, bi-monthly Internet radio program exploring my passion for film photography and covering a wide range of topics relevant to the experienced / aspiring photographer using film as a medium.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ukulele performer and Film Photography Podcast pal Henrique Couto rolled into town today and would you believe….he was wearing Polaroid Shorts!!!

Polaroid Shorts!

“Where did you get those shorts?” I said.

“My Mom made them.” Henrique replied.

Polaroid Shorts!

The famous multi-color Polaroid packaging was designed by Paul Giambara. Mr Giambara also designed packaging for Tonka Toys, Gillette and others.

Polaroid ColorPack 2 / Paul Giambarba design
Polaroid Colorpack II campaign by Paul Giambarba - © Polaroid Corporation

Unless otherwise noted, all Polaroid 300 images © 2010 Michael Raso

Visit Paul Giambarba on the web:

The new Polaroid 300 Camera -

New film for existing Polaroid Cameras / The Impossible Project

In 2009, I launched The Film Photography Podcast, an hour-long, bi-monthly Internet radio program exploring my passion for film photography and covering a wide range of topics relevant to the experienced / aspiring photographer using film as a medium.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celebrate The Day! – a new film camera in a big retail store!

Polaroid 300 @ Target Stores USA

In a world electronics market that predominately offers only digital cameras to consumers via “Big Box stores” like Best Buy or Walmart, it was amazingly refreshing to hear that retail giant Target (here in the US) would be offering the new Polaroid 300 camera and 300 film.

Polaroid 300 @ Target Stores USA
Polaroid 300 camera and film in-stock at the Target Store, State Rt 23, Riverdale, NJ USA

I’ve covered the Polaroid 300 camera on previous blogs, spoke about it on the Film Photography Podcast and even shot a YouTube video. I’ve been singing the praises of this new instant camera because at the heart of the matter - I believe that shooting your photos on film is a better, more rewarding experience. Instant film photography gives you something that digital currently can awesome instant print to share with plenty of smiles.

Nicole's Roasted Turkey Hat
Polaroid 300 print of Nicole. I noticed her because she was wearing a “roasted turkey” plush hat at the Pizza Hut inside the Target store. Upon asking her if wearing the turkey was “required uniform” at Pizza Hut, she laughed and said “no, just wearin’ it for fun!”

- Michael Raso

In 2009, I launched The Film Photography Podcast, an hour-long, bi-monthly Internet radio program exploring my passion for film photography and covering a wide range of topics relevant to the experienced / aspiring photographer using film as a medium.

Images & Text © 2010 Michael Raso


Polaroid -

Target -

Thursday, September 16, 2010

‎"Gentlemen, we can rebuild him."

he doesn't remember forever

Image © 2010 Michael Raso
Polaroid Spectra AF Camera
Impossible Project PZ 600 Silver Shade Instant Film

"The Oscar Goldman doll was one of several large-size action figures relased by Kenner Toys in the late 1970s to tie-in with both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. The doll came packaged with a briefcase containing several items; if the briefcase was opened incorrectly, however, the briefcase self-destructed, bouncing into the air and the interior changing to appear as if it had been destroyed (though it could easily be reset). "



The Film Photography Internet Radio Show

Film Photography Podcast Flickr Group

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Film Photography Podcast - Episode 15 - Back To School

Episode 15 - September 15, 2010

Impossible PX 70 film review, Listener photo gallery, Camera giveaway and more!

Hosted by Michael Raso with Duane Polcou and John Fedele.

"And one man in his time plays many parts"
The Impossible Project's newest film stock - PX 70 Color Shade for Polaroid cameras


Only three months left to shoot this amazing film stock.

230.365: Summer Fashion
Kodachrome Image © Dan Domme (from the FPP Kodachrome Group on Flickr)

Are you committed to shooting and processing Kodachrome before it disappears? Email Michael and he'll send you a roll. (while supplies last) Tell him a little about yourself and why you’d like to shoot Kodachrome. Is your photography on Flickr? If so, give Michael a link to your page.
FilmPhotographyPodcast AT

Kodachrome 64

Support (and join!) John Meadows Kodachrome Photowalk in Ontario, Canada. (Oct 16th).

Come and join Michael Raso’s Kodachrome Film Photography Project 2010 on Flickr.

Thank you so much for all your donations to The Film Photography Project.

We've got some great give-aways in the months ahead! Our listeners are the best on the planet!

PINK DELICATES - Who Stole The Quiet Day

FPP House Band – The Pink Delicates

FPP News


news flash! - PAT SANSONE'S 100 POLAROIDS

Wilco - The Band.

Pat Sansone is in The Autumn Defense

This is a segment of an interview with The Autumn Defense on Chicago TV show "Corporate Country Sucks"

Pat Sansone's 100 Polaroids Project. (On Facebook)

Pat Sansone / 100 Polaroids
100 Polaroids by Patrick Sansone / Book Jacket © Patrick Sansone

Pat's book available on the WILCO site

Take a look at the Pat Sansone Flickr Gallery Michael Raso has created that feature some of Pat’s Polaroids.

Pat Sansone on Flickr!


Visit and take a read of their article on The Impossible Project.

The boys review of The Impossible Project’s new PX 70 color film for Polaroid cameras

Michael Raso’s Impossible Project PX 70 Gallery on Flickr.

A “tip of the hat” to Ludwig West's PX 70 photography. His Flickr Photostream.

Polaroid Image © Ludwig West

Curate your own gallery! How to create a gallery on Flickr.

Michaels Raso’s Impossible Project PX 70 Color Shade Photos on Flickr.

Assemble your own 35mm camera!


Malcolm Kingswell brings up the idea of the traveling camera.

Film Photography Magazine discussed

Light Leaks Magazine discussed

E-mail us if you're in the moment! FilmPhotographyPodcast AT

Donation News!

Cult Status - OlympusTrip 35

Ian Cook, who turned Michael onto the Olympus Trip 35, says he enjoyed Episode 13, and he's donating a '75 Trip 35! Thank you so much!!!!

Tony Kwong is sending a Fuji Instax 200 Camera! And Some Fujifilm Pack Film! Brilliant!

Remember on Oct 1st we're giving away the Olympus Stylus Epic and the Revere Eyematic EE 127. Please email filmphotographypodcast AT with a bit about yourself, and which camera you'd like in the subject line.

127 film? Buy it at Freestyle Photographic and The Frugal Photographer.

The Heart of the Show

Malin Palmé
Polaroid Image © Lambis Stratoudakis

Lambis from Sweden recommends Dan Wallin's site and photographs.

Featured FPP Gallery Photo / Image © April-lea Photography

We look at our listener's images via Flickr Gallery - Follow along while we're talking about the photos!

Michael Raso’s Photographs of Desiree Saetia.

Desiree / Kodachrome Transfer
Desiree Saetia / Kodachrome

ImNotGonnaDanceWithYouUntilYouCalmDown by Monday Night Bear Claw

Monday Night Bear Claw (The Band) on MySpace.

Book (s) Of The Month

Sirens by Marco Glaviano

Henri Cartier Bresson "The Early Work"

Duane talks about Marco Glaviano (here's some images, and also look at a “The Google” Image Search).

His book Sirens is superb. Look for it on the eBay.

Read about Henri Cartier Bresson on WIkipedia. Check out some images on “The Google”.

FPP friend Rob Nunn recommends "Modern Century"

Last Thoughts

Michael finds Dumb and Dumber (on-set Polaroids) on e-bay.

Found Polaroid / "Dumb and Dumber"

Found Polaroid / "Dumb and Dumber"

The boys discuss Jim Carey (including Me Myself and Irene).

Future show discussions - Minox discussion, large format, and photographing models!

The Knack 1979 - My Sharona!

See you in two weeks!!!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

“Help me Impossible Project. You’re my only hope.”

Polaroid Type 500 Instant Film

After discovering the defunct Polaroid Type 500 Instant Film format (along with the awesome Polaroid JoyCam & Captiva SLR camera), I tried to acquire Type 500 film, only to find it almost impossible to find.

Polaroid JoyCam

Impossible…that’s it! If anyone could re-manufacture 500 film, it would be The Impossible Project! After all, these guys have the Polaroid JoyCam on their site. It won’t be long before they make their PX film for Polaroid 500 cameras, right? Right?? Right?!?!?

Sadly, no.

Michael Raso, Aug 24 21:16 (CEST):
Hello Impossible,
With the thousands of Polaroid Captiva SLR and Joycam cameras in the world
combined with the growing cult around Polaroid 500, will Impossible produce
new Type 500 film?
Best to everyone at TIP,
Michael Raso
producer / host
Film Photography Podcast

Impossible Customer Service, Aug 25 11:13 (CEST):

hello michael,

Thank you for your email.
The type 500 film is an original Polaroid film and will not be reproduced. Sorry, I have no better information for you.
kind regards,
Impossible Customer Service

Images © 2010 Michael Raso

I host The Film Photography Podcast. I invite you to listen!

The Impossible Project
New film for existing Polaroid Cameras!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Changing Bag vs Darkroom

Guest Blog by Julie Spaulding

You’re out on the field, and for whatever reason, you decide that you need to develop some film. It’s time to enter the darkroom and fumble about with some chemicals – that is, unless you’ve got a changing bag handy. Google ‘changing bag’ and you’ll probably be invited to test out the latest in diaper changing technology. Search for ‘film changing bag’ and prepare to be amazed by the most useful recent invention for the film developing process.

Film Changing Bag vs Darkroom

A changing bag allows a budding film developer to transfer film from canister to developing tank without exposing the film to light. However, the darkroom performs the same function, but with more ‘room to maneuver’, as there is no bag to restrict movement. So, why should you invest in a changing bag when a darkroom is all that is required?

Firstly, changing bags do not require the same level of preparation as a darkroom. A darkroom requires the use of blackout material, ventilation equipment and other expensive items, whilst a small changing bag may be purchased for as little as $13.

Secondly, changing bags allow photographers to develop film ‘on the go’, as well as change over jammed or partially-exposed film without searching for a darkroom or exposing the film to light. Darkrooms are not common in the middle of the Sahara or on the steppes of Mongolia, so photographers inclined to remote expeditions should always have a changing bag on hand.

Finally, I like changing bags because of their portability. I know this sounds suspiciously similar to point number two, but a darkroom can be impractical even in your own house. If you’ve only got one or two sinks, setting up a darkroom with foul-smelling chemicals in your kitchen might not be a good idea. A changing bag is the perfect way around this.

So, next time you’re at your favourite photography store, see if a film changing bag is in stock. If you haven’t already got one, pick one up! You’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

Julie Spaulding is the owner of How to Develop Film, what she likes to consider the web’s premier source on film developing.

Film Changing Bags on e-bay

Film Changing Bag at Freestyle Photographic

Polaroid 300 Images © 2010 Michael Raso

Check out The Film Photography Podcast

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Film Photography Podcast - Episode 14 Show Notes

Welcome to the Film Photography Podcast. The podcast about having fun shooting still film photography, learning about vintage film cameras, equipment and techniques!

Film Photography Podcast / Episode 14 – September 1, 2010
pictured: John Fedele and Duane Polcou shot with the Polaroid One Step Close Up camera and Impossible PX 600 Silver Shade film

Show notes with links to topics discussed.

First Up!

Podcast listener John Meadows is having a Kodachrome Photo walk In Kleinburgh, Canada, on Oct 16 to celebrate the retirement of Kodak Kodachrome film.

Kodak discontinued Kodachrome film in 2009. Dwayne's Photo will continue to process til 12/30/2010. Film is still available via e-bay. This is your last chance to shoot this wonderful film.


FPP Flickr Group Project organized by Michael Calleia. Check out our FPP Print Exchange over on Flickr.

If you missed it, catch up on our Episode 13 "Summer Vacation" show with the Pink Delicates performing live.

Remember you can download lo-fi, small files of the Audio Podcast at if you've got a slow connection!

The APS Film Format explained on Wikipedia.


Polaroid Type 500 Instant Film

Polaroid Type 500 Film discussed along with the Polaroid Captiva SLR and Polaroid Joy Cameras

Mike's blog post on Polaroid 500 (Captiva) film.

Polaroid Captiva TV Spots! One features Sinbad! (below)

The Polaroid Captiva on Camerapedia.

The Polaroid Joy Cam.


Thanks to everyone for their letters to FPP!

Mike loads a pack of film into the Polaroid JoyCam.

JoyCam failure, so Mike tries it in the Captiva.

FAIL! Check our Mike's Polaroid 500 Flickr Set for photographs that did come out.

Mike apologizes for the mix-up in the Pink-Delicates songs on last times podcast.

Grab a copy of the Pink Delicates CD - "Who Stole The Quiet Day" at

Film Photography Podcast - Donate a camera, film or cold hard cash!

Weird New Jersey Magazine discussed.

Check out Kipp Westein's Work and Cameras.

FPP News

DuArt Film and Video has stopped processing motion picture film.

E6 (slide) film explained on Wikipedia.

Blue Moon Camera processing services discussed.

Ansel Adams Relatives are skeptical about the discovery of lost glass-plate negatives.

**************************** - a great site about film-developing recipes.

Digital Work flow discussed

Negs are the best archiving material! Mike takes all his stuff,boxes it once a quarter, and stores it. Mike always digitally stores at least three copies of his work. Keep an off-site copy for ultimate safety.

Tagging is very important. You can add meta-data to digital files in Photoshop and similar software. Make it a habit and it's not a drag.

Side Two of The Beatles "Abbey Road" discussed



Email if you want to take part in the Kodachrome Photowalk.

Shout out to FPP listener Lance at

FPP Listener Wesley Phillips recommends The Inside Analogue Photo Podcast and The Film Wasters Podcast.

FilmWasters interview Mijonju (below)

Camera Giveaways!

Camera Give-Away! - Polaroid One-Step (600) Cameras and The Agfa Clack given away!

New color film for existing Polaroid cameras at The Impossible Project!

In our October Podcast we'll be giving away a Olympus Stylus Epic, donated by FPP listener Paul Farkas.

Jim Tardio's article on the Olympus Stylus.

Christine Candora-Hickey sent us a Revere Eye-Matic EE 127. (Here's an article on 127 film).

Listen in to find out how to win a camera!

We'll be back in two weeks with another great podcast, thanks for listening!

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