Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Heat (Podcast) Episode 11 - July 15, 2010

The Don’t Worry, Be Happy Summer Hysteria Show.

Sun at Woodland Lake

Topics cover Cokin Close-Up filters, Flickr, Tags, Polaroid Pro-Pack Camera, Polaroid Image Transfer, Overview of upcoming PDN Photo Show, Sotheby's Polaroid Auction, Anger Management, The Blizzard Roll-Over,Camera giveaway and more!

KISS Love Gun 1977
KISS "Love Gun" 1977 Ace Frehley sings!

Dan Domme visits FPP
Polaroid Image Transfers
pictured FPP listener Dan Domme & FPP Producer/Host Michael Raso

1954 Agfa Clack
Agfa Clack camera giveaway (Courtesy of Don Domme / )

Polaroid 600 OneStep CloseUp Camera
Polaroid 600 Close-Up Camera pre-loaded with Impossible PX 600 film (Courtesy of Michael Raso / )

Show available on or before 7/15/2010

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