Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Film Photography Stroll at Butler Center, USA

Polaroid Colorpack IV camera test / Butler Center USA

My passion for film photography has been a positive factor is getting me out from the dark studio and into the great outdoors. (even if it is just a few steps from my studio door!)

The many angles of Butler Center and the adjacent Main Street in Butler USA are captured with newly acquired vintage camera arriving almost daily from all points USA and Europe.

Kodachrome Holga walk
this image: Butler Center / 6-27-2010 / Holga 120N camera with 35mm Kodachrome 64
top image: Butler Center / 6-2-2010 / Polaroid Colorpack IV – Fujifilm FP-100c Instant Film

“Butler Center (formerly American Hard Rubber Company building complex) is part of the Morris County Heritage Commission).

In 1881 the growing town of West Bloomingdale was renamed Butler after Richard Butler, who had taken ownership of the American Hard Rubber Company.

The American Hard Rubber Company buildings (now Butler Center) were built in 1898. On February 26, 1957, the rubber factory was destroyed by a massive fire. One Butler resident remembers the fire being so bright she could read a newspaper in her yard at 3am at a distance of 1 mile. The glow reportedly was visible for 100 miles; volunteer fire companies from 55 municipalities required mutual aid response during the initial hours and then in shifts over the next week. New York City Fire Department, 30 miles away, offered help when observing the bright glow.”
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butler,_New_Jersey

Today, Butler Center (the remaining buildings from the factory) has been converted into an industrial complex housing many manufacturing companies including my studio– Pop Cinema, Building 6 (Home of The Film Photography Podcast).

Kodak Jiffy Six-20 / Butler, NJ USA
Town Hall, Butler, NJ USA / Kodak Jiffy Six-20 camera / Fujichrome Velvia 100F film

Polaroid Super Shooter / Butler Center USA
Butler Center / 6-5-2010 / Polaroid Super Shooter – Fujifilm FP-100c Instant Film

Butler Center images below shot on the new Polaroid pic-300 camera and 300 Instant film (except *)

Pop Cinema Studio / Polaroid 300

Butler Center, Butler NJ USA

Butler Center, Butler NJ USA

Butler Center, Butler NJ USA
* This image shot with the short-lived Y2K Polaroid Mio camera.
Image below: Canon FTb camera / EFKE KB 21 Black and White Negative Film

When not behind my desk at Pop Cinema or testing vintage cameras, you’ll find me producing The Film Photography Podcast.


Butler Center, New Jersey USA

All Images © 2010 Michael Raso

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