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FPP Show Notes / Episode 11 - July 15, 2010

I received a wonderful complementary note from Film Photography Podcast listener Robb Nunn regarding our podcast. Rob hosts the SCL Photo Podcast and is on the web at

We started corresponding via e-mail which led to me asking Rob, “Would you like to write FPP Show Notes”? Quite a few listeners have written to me relaying the fact that they listen many times while commuting and how awesome it would be if we had some notes posted on-line about each episode. Great idea and I’m happy to report that Rob has volunteered to take on the task. Thank you, Rob!

- Michael Raso

Show Notes / Links - Film Photography Podcast 11 - July 15 2010
Don’t Worry, Be Happy Episode. Topics cover Cokin Close-Up filters, Flickr, Tags, Polaroid Image Transfer, New York PDN Photo Show, Sotheby's Polaroid Auction, Camera giveaway and more! Hosted by Michael Raso and Duane Polcou.

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Duane Polcou on Model Mayhem!


The Film Photography Podcast recently launched their very own You Tube Channel! Two Videos are currently available:
Polaroid 300 Review” and "Fun With Close Up Filters".

Cokin Filters Website.

Polaroid Propack Camera discussed.

A Polaroid (Pack Camera) Primer: Peel-Apart Film by MOOMINSEAN

Polaroid Transfers! (Flickr group showing Polaroid Transfers)


PDN Photoplus Expo in October 2010 (NYC). We’ll be there!

Street Photographer Louis Mendes / New York Times Website

Sotheby’s Polaroid Auction:
Sotheby’s Site
Article about the Auction at

Polaroid – Official Website (featuring Lady Gaga)
Polaroid – Official on Facebook.

The Impossible Project (New Film for Polaroid Cameras)
Impossible Exhibition July 2010
The Impossible Project Website
Impossible Project - Flickr Group.


The Film Photography Podcast Flickr Group

Michael Raso’s photography of Catherine (on Flickr)

Fujifilm Instant Cameras

Takumar lenses on Wikipedia. and the Hello Kitty Instax Film. (Works with the Polaroid 300, the Fujifilm Instax and the Polaroid MIO!).

Michael’s Hello Kitty Polaroid Photos

A chat about

Book Of The Month (is actually a magazine)!
LensWork's website
Lenswork on eBay

Agfa Clack Camera Giveaway!

Polaroid 600 Camera Giveaway!

Polaroid 600 OneStep CloseUp Camera

Onwards! selling Polaroid SX-70 Rainbow Camera '77 (w/ Impossible Film!)

The Rock Group Kiss 1977 – Ace Frehley Sings!!

KISS Love Gun 1977

Dwaynes Photo - the last place to develop Kodachrome.

Help with Tags on Flickr.

Geotags explained on Wikipedia.

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What’s a FPP Podcast without a mention of The Sopranos!

What’s a FPP Podcast without a mention of the State of New Jersey

John Fedele’s band…The Pink Delicates Myspace.

We’ll be back with Episode 12 on August 1, 2010 – The “Just Do It!” Episode.

Notes compiled by Rob Nunn

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