Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Film Photography Podcast - Episode 14 Show Notes

Welcome to the Film Photography Podcast. The podcast about having fun shooting still film photography, learning about vintage film cameras, equipment and techniques!

Film Photography Podcast / Episode 14 – September 1, 2010
pictured: John Fedele and Duane Polcou shot with the Polaroid One Step Close Up camera and Impossible PX 600 Silver Shade film

Show notes with links to topics discussed.

First Up!

Podcast listener John Meadows is having a Kodachrome Photo walk In Kleinburgh, Canada, on Oct 16 to celebrate the retirement of Kodak Kodachrome film.

Kodak discontinued Kodachrome film in 2009. Dwayne's Photo will continue to process til 12/30/2010. Film is still available via e-bay. This is your last chance to shoot this wonderful film.


FPP Flickr Group Project organized by Michael Calleia. Check out our FPP Print Exchange over on Flickr.

If you missed it, catch up on our Episode 13 "Summer Vacation" show with the Pink Delicates performing live.

Remember you can download lo-fi, small files of the Audio Podcast at if you've got a slow connection!

The APS Film Format explained on Wikipedia.


Polaroid Type 500 Instant Film

Polaroid Type 500 Film discussed along with the Polaroid Captiva SLR and Polaroid Joy Cameras

Mike's blog post on Polaroid 500 (Captiva) film.

Polaroid Captiva TV Spots! One features Sinbad! (below)

The Polaroid Captiva on Camerapedia.

The Polaroid Joy Cam.


Thanks to everyone for their letters to FPP!

Mike loads a pack of film into the Polaroid JoyCam.

JoyCam failure, so Mike tries it in the Captiva.

FAIL! Check our Mike's Polaroid 500 Flickr Set for photographs that did come out.

Mike apologizes for the mix-up in the Pink-Delicates songs on last times podcast.

Grab a copy of the Pink Delicates CD - "Who Stole The Quiet Day" at

Film Photography Podcast - Donate a camera, film or cold hard cash!

Weird New Jersey Magazine discussed.

Check out Kipp Westein's Work and Cameras.

FPP News

DuArt Film and Video has stopped processing motion picture film.

E6 (slide) film explained on Wikipedia.

Blue Moon Camera processing services discussed.

Ansel Adams Relatives are skeptical about the discovery of lost glass-plate negatives.

**************************** - a great site about film-developing recipes.

Digital Work flow discussed

Negs are the best archiving material! Mike takes all his stuff,boxes it once a quarter, and stores it. Mike always digitally stores at least three copies of his work. Keep an off-site copy for ultimate safety.

Tagging is very important. You can add meta-data to digital files in Photoshop and similar software. Make it a habit and it's not a drag.

Side Two of The Beatles "Abbey Road" discussed



Email if you want to take part in the Kodachrome Photowalk.

Shout out to FPP listener Lance at

FPP Listener Wesley Phillips recommends The Inside Analogue Photo Podcast and The Film Wasters Podcast.

FilmWasters interview Mijonju (below)

Camera Giveaways!

Camera Give-Away! - Polaroid One-Step (600) Cameras and The Agfa Clack given away!

New color film for existing Polaroid cameras at The Impossible Project!

In our October Podcast we'll be giving away a Olympus Stylus Epic, donated by FPP listener Paul Farkas.

Jim Tardio's article on the Olympus Stylus.

Christine Candora-Hickey sent us a Revere Eye-Matic EE 127. (Here's an article on 127 film).

Listen in to find out how to win a camera!

We'll be back in two weeks with another great podcast, thanks for listening!

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Read Mike Raso's Film Photography Blog, and find him on Flickr!

Find Duane Polcou on Model Mayhem!

Notes compiled by Rob Nunn

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