Monday, August 30, 2010

fujifilm 100b instant film (for Polaroid Pack Cameras) discontinued

Fujifilm FP-100b Instant Film for Polaroid Cameras discontinued
Image © by FPP Podcast listener John LaPierre

Film Photography Podcast listener and friend Tony Kwong delivered this sad news to me via e-mail.

Hey Mr Raso

Just to let you know that Fujifilm's FP-100b has indeed stopped
production in June 2010 and is discontinued in both sizes (regular and
4x5). Stock still remains in the distribution channels, so they will
still be available in some stores. This discontinuation was announced
by Fujifilm Japan in September of 2009. There were previous denials
printed in the Britsh Journal of Photography of the discontinuation by
Fujifilm, UK at the end of 2009. I was able to confirm with the a
production head of Fujifilm Japan on that, and it is indeed a
production stop. That means it wont be available anywhere as that's
the only place that manufactures this film. These denials prove
incorrect when US, Japanese and UK Fujifilm distributors were unable
to get more film as the last batches of 100b film have been produced
and shipped.

The only instant pan packfilm in production is Fuji's FP-3000b series.
while the regular size is widely available; the 4x5 version of this
film is not "officially" available in too many countries outside
Japan. I was speaking to a variety of Fujifilm, USA sources for a few
weeks on this matter and they stated to me a few days ago their
intention to start importing FP-3000b in a 4x5 format. Recent contacts
with Fujifilm, UK reps stated they are also interested in importing
the FP-3000b film in 4x5 size. Black and white instant packfilm is not
dead, but ISO 100 FP-100b definitely is.

Tony Kwong

Sadly, this information was confirmed by Dirk from on the Fujifilm Instant Flickr Group

Additional images shot on Fujifilm FP-100b by Film Photography Podcast listeners:

kristen polaroid
Kristen Polaroid by © Neal Carpenter

Polaroid © by mghzino

IDA image © by Lambis Stratoudakis

Now is the time...stock up!

Unique Photo, New Jersey - Eastern United States

Japan Exposures, Japan


  1. Truely sad news. I was just thinking today that I might use 100b as my primary instant film. One can pray it isn't true, but considering Fuji's recent activity, it is no doubt the case. Thanks for using my image.

  2. Anybody want to start the Packfilm Project? There are factories in China begging for work....

    If I had a job I would be stocking up.

  3. Damn. Don't even know what to say. Damn.
    Thanks too, but, damn!