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Film Photography Podcast - Episode 15 - Back To School

Episode 15 - September 15, 2010

Impossible PX 70 film review, Listener photo gallery, Camera giveaway and more!

Hosted by Michael Raso with Duane Polcou and John Fedele.

"And one man in his time plays many parts"
The Impossible Project's newest film stock - PX 70 Color Shade for Polaroid cameras


Only three months left to shoot this amazing film stock.

230.365: Summer Fashion
Kodachrome Image © Dan Domme (from the FPP Kodachrome Group on Flickr)

Are you committed to shooting and processing Kodachrome before it disappears? Email Michael and he'll send you a roll. (while supplies last) Tell him a little about yourself and why you’d like to shoot Kodachrome. Is your photography on Flickr? If so, give Michael a link to your page.
FilmPhotographyPodcast AT

Kodachrome 64

Support (and join!) John Meadows Kodachrome Photowalk in Ontario, Canada. (Oct 16th).

Come and join Michael Raso’s Kodachrome Film Photography Project 2010 on Flickr.

Thank you so much for all your donations to The Film Photography Project.

We've got some great give-aways in the months ahead! Our listeners are the best on the planet!

PINK DELICATES - Who Stole The Quiet Day

FPP House Band – The Pink Delicates

FPP News


news flash! - PAT SANSONE'S 100 POLAROIDS

Wilco - The Band.

Pat Sansone is in The Autumn Defense

This is a segment of an interview with The Autumn Defense on Chicago TV show "Corporate Country Sucks"

Pat Sansone's 100 Polaroids Project. (On Facebook)

Pat Sansone / 100 Polaroids
100 Polaroids by Patrick Sansone / Book Jacket © Patrick Sansone

Pat's book available on the WILCO site

Take a look at the Pat Sansone Flickr Gallery Michael Raso has created that feature some of Pat’s Polaroids.

Pat Sansone on Flickr!


Visit and take a read of their article on The Impossible Project.

The boys review of The Impossible Project’s new PX 70 color film for Polaroid cameras

Michael Raso’s Impossible Project PX 70 Gallery on Flickr.

A “tip of the hat” to Ludwig West's PX 70 photography. His Flickr Photostream.

Polaroid Image © Ludwig West

Curate your own gallery! How to create a gallery on Flickr.

Michaels Raso’s Impossible Project PX 70 Color Shade Photos on Flickr.

Assemble your own 35mm camera!


Malcolm Kingswell brings up the idea of the traveling camera.

Film Photography Magazine discussed

Light Leaks Magazine discussed

E-mail us if you're in the moment! FilmPhotographyPodcast AT

Donation News!

Cult Status - OlympusTrip 35

Ian Cook, who turned Michael onto the Olympus Trip 35, says he enjoyed Episode 13, and he's donating a '75 Trip 35! Thank you so much!!!!

Tony Kwong is sending a Fuji Instax 200 Camera! And Some Fujifilm Pack Film! Brilliant!

Remember on Oct 1st we're giving away the Olympus Stylus Epic and the Revere Eyematic EE 127. Please email filmphotographypodcast AT with a bit about yourself, and which camera you'd like in the subject line.

127 film? Buy it at Freestyle Photographic and The Frugal Photographer.

The Heart of the Show

Malin Palmé
Polaroid Image © Lambis Stratoudakis

Lambis from Sweden recommends Dan Wallin's site and photographs.

Featured FPP Gallery Photo / Image © April-lea Photography

We look at our listener's images via Flickr Gallery - Follow along while we're talking about the photos!

Michael Raso’s Photographs of Desiree Saetia.

Desiree / Kodachrome Transfer
Desiree Saetia / Kodachrome

ImNotGonnaDanceWithYouUntilYouCalmDown by Monday Night Bear Claw

Monday Night Bear Claw (The Band) on MySpace.

Book (s) Of The Month

Sirens by Marco Glaviano

Henri Cartier Bresson "The Early Work"

Duane talks about Marco Glaviano (here's some images, and also look at a “The Google” Image Search).

His book Sirens is superb. Look for it on the eBay.

Read about Henri Cartier Bresson on WIkipedia. Check out some images on “The Google”.

FPP friend Rob Nunn recommends "Modern Century"

Last Thoughts

Michael finds Dumb and Dumber (on-set Polaroids) on e-bay.

Found Polaroid / "Dumb and Dumber"

Found Polaroid / "Dumb and Dumber"

The boys discuss Jim Carey (including Me Myself and Irene).

Future show discussions - Minox discussion, large format, and photographing models!

The Knack 1979 - My Sharona!

See you in two weeks!!!

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Show notes contributed by Rob Nunn

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