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"Just Do It" FPP Episode 12 - August 1, 2010

Film Photography Podcast

The “Just Do It” episode. Topics cover big format film, publishing your photo, CLA: clean-lubricate-adjust, Polaroid updates and more! Hosted by Michael Raso and Duane Polcou


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Episode 12 Intro!

Michael and Duane take some photos with the Polaroid Pack Camera.

Tips on how to judge distance in photography.

Duane lets us all know about Michael's photo spread in Girls and Corpses Magazine.

Email us (We want to hear from you!) -

Michael and Duane talk about Forgotten film formats to be discussed in future episodes: 620, 127, 126, 110. 1/4 plate, 1/2 plate and 5"x7".

The Minox Spy Camera on wikipedia.

Using an odd format? E-mail us and share your experiences.

Michael floats his idea to manufacture 620 Film Spools.

Instructions on how to transfer 120 film onto 620 spools. (You’ll need two 620 spools).

620 Cameras on eBay.

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Here's Lances website about his PictureCrossing project. Cool stuff, and Polaroid Too!

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Listener writes in about the Yashica Electro 35 GS.

Duane explains The Impossible Projects PX100 Silver-Shade "First Flush" film for Polaroid SX-70 cameras.

The new PX100 is a little more stable, but they're both great.

Matt Haines encourages the guys to talk about large format film and cameras.

Duane shares his knowledge of "Big Film"

A Kodak Ektar group of Flickr - see what all the fuss is about!

Paul Caponigro used 5"x7" format film for years.

Here's a comparison of some 5 x 7 cameras.

8 x 10 cameras on eBay.

Duane explains the Scheimpflug Rule.

The Brett Weston Archive.

20 x 24 Polaroid Photography. and the work of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

Listener Matt Haines sites - (Fashion Photography - great stuff!) and - Thanks for the Film!

C'mon everybody, put those dusty ol' cameras down and lets dance! 99 Red Balloons by Nena!

Michael and Duane discuss the New York Knicks.

Please email Michael at to encourage him to start his 620 spool project.

Mike Butkas has an excellent site with free manuals for vintage cameras -

Phil Rouse (Aussie Phil) suggests an FPP project for members. Duane suggests Nude Girls On Beaches!

Michael’s photo of Darian Caine. Michael and Duane discuss recording an episode that discusses erotic photography.

Michael suggests we all contribute images to a FPP postcard / magazine / calendar / book project.

The American Photo Flickr Group.

Duane and Michael have a discussion about how you can improve your chances of getting paid work by expanding your portfolio with "free" images and tear-sheets (which are your photos torn out of published magazines). If your work is out there and promoting your name (even if you're not getting paid), surely you're improving your visibility to paying customers.

Geography Lesson time - The Benelux.

A short article on Photo Licensing.

Duane talks about Eddie Adams and his famous photo from Vietnam.

Michael discusses the licensing of low-budget Indie movies and images.

Ha! You thought the dancin' was done! Well I'm askin' - Lady Gaga, Bad Romance! (Creative Director at Polaroid).

The Chiller Theatre Expo!

So, JUST DO IT! (Get your photographs out there!)

Michael reads out some more great letters, many thanks!

The guys talk about replacing the light-seals in old cameras, but the general conclusion is that it's best to get the pro's to do it.

Malcolm Kingswell shares with us his decent into FPP gear buying addiction....

Michaels scanner of choice, the Epson V700.

Michael and Duane talk about Wedding Photography, and the lack of food thereabouts. (Apart from the Shrimp. Oh, The Shrimp!)

Dankeshane Nadine!

Lets all take a break, take a walk, and shoot some film!

An explanation of Depth of Field and Bokeh.

Duane’s Book Of The Month:
Steve Mulligan's Terra Incognita.

The Black and White Photography Magazine.

Win Cameras!

We're giving away a Polaroid 600 camera (with Impossible Film) in the next episode, so please send an email with "Polaroid 600" in the header, and a short explanation of who you are, what you do, your address, and why you shoot film.

email address:

We're also giving away the camera that Dan Domme donated, the Agfa Clack, if you'd like to be in the running to pick up this 120 film camera, again, email us with "Agfa Clack" in the header, and a short explanation of who you are, what you do, your address, and why you shoot film.

Want to enter both contests? PLEASE SEND SEPARATE EMAILS!

Remember that there's not long to shoot and develop your Kodachrome and get it sent off to Dwayne’s Photo. Get Kodachrome on eBay! You've only got until December 30, 2010.

In a future episode we'll be talking about work flow (shooting, processing, scanning, digital management, archiving)

Michael and Duane discuss taking stills during a film production.

New York filmmaker Joe Sarno on the IMDB.

Thanks to everyone for listening to the FPP, world-wide, and hopefully we can meet up at the PDN Expo in New York.

Remember to email us at

We’ll be back on August 15th!

FPP Show Notes compiled by Rob Nunn

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