Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pizza Fridays

"While there is nothing artistically compelling about this, it is one of freakin' best sets on flickr. I want in on the Pizza Super Bowl."
- David (Flickr Member)

Pizza - Half Philly Cheese Steak / Half Pepperoni

Every Friday at Pop Cinema Studio we'd gather at 2pm in the kitchen area.

It was known as Pop Pizza Friday.

Pizza Friday - 6/26/2009

We would order two pizzas from two different pizzerias and vote for the best tasting pie.

Pizza Friday PLAY-OFFS 9/25/2009

Pizza Wars - Week 3

Each week I documented the delicious event. As it turns out, Pizza Friday became the test ground for so many of the vintage cameras I acquired in 2009. 35mm Canon cameras, Kodak Brownies, 110 cameras and many others all fired their shutters at 2pm on Friday.

Pizza Wars - Week 3

So many fun (and delicious) images.

Thanks to all the great Pizzerias in the Butler, New Jersey Area.

Pizza Friday PLAY-OFFS 9/4/2009

The winning vote for Best Sicilian Pizza went to
47 Main Street
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403-1653
(973) 838-6700

Pizza Show-Down 6/5/2009

We don’t vote for best pizza anymore but we still gather on Fridays and I’m still there usually with camera (and pizza) in hand.

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  1. I am honored to have taken part in the awesomeness that was/is Pop Pizza Friday... Good times.