Friday, January 15, 2010

Love for the Ultra Wide & Slim Camera

James Butler from Hertfordshire, UK loves the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim 35mm camera so much that he created a gallery of his favorites on Flickr.

I couldn’t agree more. An amazing set of images. Feast your eyes!

Don't forget your mat
Image by Marcus Butler, London

Image by Joanna, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

sp with the viv (6/30)
Image by Natalie, Iowa, USA

The all mechanical / all plastic Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim camera has no electronics or need for a battery to function. With a fixed f11 aperture and a w-i-d-e 22mm lens, the camera delivers gorgeous lo-fi pictures. Current price tag on e-bay: $50. (if your lucky to find one). Demand is great enough that a company called SuperHeadz has manufactured a worthy “knock-off.”

Vivitar ULTRA WIDE and SLIM Camera


MORE great shots at James Butler’s Ultra Wide and Slim Gallery:

James offers some amazing shots of his own!
London bound

View James Butler’s photostream:

Search the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim on e-bay.

Purchase the Super Headz “knock-off” at Four Corners Store

We chat about the Wide & Slim on this month’s Film Photography Podcast. Listen in!

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