Friday, February 11, 2011

Saving Forgotten Memories

Todd Bieber's Found Film

blog by Michael Raso

In January, New York filmmaker Todd Bieber found a roll of film in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. With no identification on the film, Todd decided to go on a quest to find the owners of the soon-to-be-lost memories. He did so by doing what he does best – making movies.

After the unexpected global attention to Todd’s video, he recently posted this update on You Tube.

Todd writes and directs videos - mostly comedy and documentary, or some combination of the two. He is currently the guy in charge of UCB Comedy, the video arm of Upright Citizens Brigade.

Todd’s website:


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  1. That's a great wee story. Though I am pretty sure that it is an Olympus Pen F, which is far more uncommon than a Leica.