Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Tribute to Vinyl Records

Impossible PX 100 Silver Shade - Film Test

I love vinyl records. When I was growing up, "record stores" were easily accessible by bike. It's funny how sharp my memory is on where I purchased some of the "albums" in my collection. John Lennon's "Double Fantasy" - late 1981, I walked to a small indie shop owned by Kevin Clement called Vinyl Frontiers. David Bowie "Space Oddity" - sometime in '80, a group of us got a ride to Willowbrook Mall, I found the album at a store called Korvettes. Most of my huge 1980s vinyl collection came from my twice weekly trip to Mickey Music in Belleville, NJ. Somehow in my many moves around New Jersey, my collection wound up in storage for the past 15 years.

Something From the 70s

Flip Side Records
These days, I shop for vinyl at Flip Side Records in Pompton Lakes, NJ

In the reorganization of my studio this past year, I set up a Crosley turntable that was given to me as a gift. The perfect incentive for me to pull all of my vinyl out of storage and record a Film Photography Podcast episode called "Darkroom Needle Drop" - a collection of favorite songs from my recently played vinyl.

Recording a musical radio show was a real blast but I decided the show wasn't film-oriented enough to be an episode of FPP, so I shelved it.

Once Around by The Autumn Defense
"Once Around" by The Autumn Defense - One of the first new artists that I've purchased on vinyl in a long, long time.

If anyone reading this blog wants to hear this show, it's not online or on the FPP site but you can download it for the next 14 days here:

It is always wonderful to discover new music and although most of the music on this special show isn't new, I hope it's new-to-you and that you enjoy! Please support the artists on the show by purchasing their music (especially fellow Polaroid photographer Pat Sansone and his band The Autumn Defense!)

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Happy Holidays
Michael Raso

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  1. I love your blog! SERIOUSLY! im gona follow your blog now! follow back?

  2. Michael - what a great selection, I'm listening to this doing some photo-editing here in the UK. Hope you're enjoying the holidays.