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Film Photography Podcast Journal 17 / October 15, 2010.

Launched in October of 2009, the Film Photography Podcast is a 90 minute, bi-weekly Internet radio program, exploring a wide range of topics relevant to the experienced and aspiring photographer using film as a medium. Hosts Michael Raso and Duane Polcou enthusiastically dissect and debate the pros-and-cons of film formats, do-it-yourself techniques, digital technologies, and vintage and contemporary cameras and accessories in a thorough, informative and casual manner. Regular features include Camera tests and reviews, “book of the month”, interviews, a listener-generated Q&A, and film-related giveaways.

The Film Photography Podcast SHOW NOTES
Episode 17 – October 15, 2010

4x5 Large Format Photography, Digital Darkroom vs. Digital Darkroom, Polaroid 300 Goes National, Mega-Giveaways are More! Hosted by Michael Raso with Duane Polcou
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Duane Polcou / Film Photography Podcast
Duane Polcou shot with Rolleicord III camera / Fujichrome 64T Type II


Later in the show - Duane Polcou will introduce 4x5 photography to Michael and the audience.

Michael Raso's blog on the new Polaroid 300 Instant Camera being stocked by Target.

Polaroid 300 @ Target Stores USA
Target in Riverdale, NJ USA stocks Polaroid 300 camera and film

Discussion on the fact that placement of the Polaroid 300 in a "Big Retail Store" is a victory for film photography. Find your local Target store in the USA!

Check out the new

A close up lens for the Polaroid 300 / Instax Mini! Search "mini 7s close up lens" on

Polaroid 300 w/ Fujifilm Close-up Lens
Finally, A close-up lens that snaps on the new Polaroid 300 camera!

The last days of Kodachrome discussed.

Kodachrome 64

Remember, Dwaynes Photo in Parsons, KS USA will stop processing at the end of the year - so get your film in now!

Get your FREE roll of Kodachrome film! If you can commit to shooting and having it developed, Michael will send you a roll of Kodachrome from his private film vault, just email to with your details.

Please also check out the FPP Flickr Group - Kodachrome Film Photography Project 2010 - the place for all photos taken with Kodachrome. Please join and add your Kodachrome photographs!


Sharp Photo & Portrait / The Film Photfgraphy Podcast - Ektar Processing Giveaway 2010!

Film Photography Podcast / Film - Processing - Print - Scan Giveaway

Win 35mm Film, Processing, Prints and Scans
Spencer, from Sharp Photo and Portrait in Wisconsin, has donated some amazing processing prizes - ten certificates for 1 free roll of processing for c41, black and white or cross processed e6 film, 35mm OR 120, plus 1 set of prints and a hight resolution cd! To go with this amazing freebie, Michael has dipped into his film vault, and with each certificate he'll be giving away a roll of 35mm Kodak Ektar 25 (expired '94 - cold stored and batch tested) Film! E-mail us at if you'd like to have a chance of winning, please put "Processing" in the subject line, and tell us a little about yourself, including what camera you'll be using. We'll be picking the winners in November.

Win a HOLGA 120 TLR camera!

Freestyle Photographic

Holga 120 TLR Twin Lens Camera

Freestyle Photographic have kindly donated a Holga 120 TLR please email us at with "Holga 120 TLR" in the subject, and a little about yourself in the body of the email. We'll do the draw in November.

Pat Sansone / 100 Polaroids

Polaroid 600 OneStep CloseUp Camera

Win Patrick Sansone's book "100 Polaroids" and a Polaroid 600 Close-Up camera! We're giving away a signed copy of Patrick Sansone's "100 Polaroids" with a Polaroid 600 One-Step Camera (with Impossible Project Film!), emails to to enter the contest. Please put in the subject line "100 Polaroids" and tell us a little about yourself in the email.

Pat Sanone's "100 Polaroids" Los Angeles

Pat Sansone "100 Polaroids" book signing in NYC!
THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT NYC Party for "100 Polaroids," A book by Patrick Sansone. Thursday, October 14 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Be there!

Michael discusses Pat's music, Wilco's "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" and musical influences (including Scott Walker)

This is a segment of an interview with The Autumn Defense on Chicago TV show "Corporate Country Sucks"

Who is Scott Walker?! See Stephen Kijak's film "30th Century Man"

Thanks to "The I" from Norway for the Intro (and Outro) music, check out the band on Facebook and MySpace.

Route 66 in the USA discussed. The Route 66 Preservation Foundation.

Make sure you check out this Flickr Slideshow of images tagged "Route 66".

The PDN Photoplus Expo is on at the Jacob Javits Center, NYC, 28th-30th of October. Email us at if you're going, and we'll meet up!

What is a Silver Gelatin Print?

FPP listener Tony Kwong and Duane Polcou say "Thumbs Up" for the low-bandwidth version of the podcast, which is available at

Peter Gowland shot more than 1,000 magazine covers, mostly glamour shots of female models but also portraits of celebrities including Rock Hudson and Robert Wagner. His covers included Rolling Stone, Playboy, and Modern Photography. He invented elite cameras and equipment that he used to shoot pinups and magazine covers. Check out Peter Gowland's Website. Sadly Peter died on March 10th 2010.

4"x5" Format Photography With Duane Polcou

Read Ken Rockwell's article on 4x5 Photography.

A great article at the Luminous Landscape - Why 4x5?

Photography Concentrate // A Look at a 4x5 Large Format Camera from Rob & Lauren on Vimeo.

Another post from LL showing Folding Flatbed Technical Cameras.

Wista Folding Cameras.

Check out the Photo's in the 4x5 Flickr group.

Need a manual for a vintage camera? Get it at Mike Butkus's great site.

An explanantion of Lens Boards on Wikipedia.

A series of videos on how to use 4x5 cameras.

Ansel Adams Group f/64.

Here's a couple of posts explaining diffraction - one from the Luminous Landscape, and another from Cambridge In Colour. (Basically our lenses tend to be sharpest a couple of stops up from wide-open, so with an f/3.5, you'll get sharpest shots at f5.6 or f8. (It does depend on the lens though.)

T-Max 400 Film.

Ilford FP4-Plus Film.

A guide to contact printing on

A discussion on 4x5 Polaroid backs at

Mamiya RZ67 on Wikipedia.

Duane will be back later to record a video on how to use his Wista.

The Wedding Camera! - Michaels Mamiya 645 on Camerapedia

Here's a discussion on C-41 Home Processing at, and a kit at Freestylephoto.

It's not complicated to use a 4x5 camera, and Duane will be back to tell us more.

We want to hear from you, so please email us at!

See you in two weeks!
Notes compiled by Rob Nunn and Michael Raso


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  1. Great show guys, I know what I'll be looking for at the next car-boot sale!

    Seriously though, I love these episodes where you share some great information about a type of film photography that I haven't a clue about.

    Cheers, Rob.

  2. Nice show. But Adams' group was called f/64, not f/45. People, please!!