Tuesday, March 2, 2010

exuberant PIZZA faces

My continued tribute to JERSEY PIZZA!

SO MANY exuberant faces sharing their image frames with “Piping Hot” pizza pies. Viva New Jersey Pizza Pies!

Trippin' Pizza!
“Trippin Pizza” pictured: Jeff
Shot w/ 1970 Keystone 125x Auto Instant 126 Camera, Magicube Flash Cube, Kodachrome 64 (126 cartridge film)

Trippin' Pizza II
“Trippin’ Pizza II” pictured: Gordon and Joe.
Shot with Canon AE-1 Program
on Kodak Elite Chrome 200

126 Kodachrome Sprocket-Hole-Tastic!
“SprocketHoleTastic Pizza” pictured Jeff, Justin
Shot w/ Keystone Auto-Instant 125x camera (126 camera),
Kodachrome 200 (35mm film loaded into 126 cartridge),
Magicube Flash

Pizza Friday PLAY-OFFS 9/25/2009
“Pizza Blitz” pictured Justin, Vlad
Shot w/ Keystone 125x Auto-Instant Camera,
Kodak Gold 200 126 Cartridge Film

Sicilian Pizza @ MR BRUNO'S PIZZA
“Mr Bruno’s Square Pie” pictured Tom and John
Shot w/ Canon Sure Shot Digital

Pizza Wars - Week 4
“Square Deal” pictured: Jeffrey
Shot w/ Canon AE-1 Program, Kodak Ektar 100 Color Print Film

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