Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank You 2009

After spending years running my studio and producing low-budget feature films I returned to "hands-on" shooting in 2009. It was a slow start but within a few months I was confident enough to launch this blog and in October start The Film Photography Podcast (Internet Radio Show).

The purpose? To spread the word about the joy of film photography to anyone who is interested. To teach and share my knowledge of the craft. To reach out to other artists who share the same passion for all things photography and filmmaking.

So, I humbly thank 2009. I was able to "squeeze" by one of the worst financial recessions in US history, keep my film studio running and find the time to return to this wonderful hobby.

Film Photography Podcast - Internet Radio Show

Pizza Show-Down 6/5/2009

Comcast Reunion

Shock-Fest filmmakers Lomo-Style Shot

Toys For Tots Grindhouse Trailer Night 2009

SCULPTURE NJ Screening 8/5/2009

Pizza Wars - Week 3

Joe Sarno attends Chainsaw Kiss Screening

Independent-International SHOCK FEST Day

Me and Dad

Thank you to all of the wonderful people at my studio and to all the amazing artists, filmmakers, family and friends that I shared time with this past year.

Happy and Healthy 2010,
Michael Raso


The Film Photography Podcast

Alternative Cinema

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  1. I search and recently came across your blog and have been reading along. It was wonderful blog.