Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Making Photography Liquid - Shooting VIOLENT HEARTS

When I ventured out on December 4th to shoot stills of Violent Hearts performing at the Loop Lounge, I hastily packed a tiny bag. Inside, all analog photo gear including my ‘73 Canon FTb, 50mm f1.4 lens, small strobe and few rolls of Kodachrome 64 film. I threw in an extra FTb body (just in case).

Violent Hearts - Loop Lounge 12/4/2009

Pals William Hellfire and Erin Russ gave me a lift, giving me about 20 minutes to figure out how I was going to shoot the performance. Most small clubs are “black holes,” sometimes not even offering stage lights.

Violent Hearts - Loop Lounge 12/4/2009

The performance was loud with great energy. Rather than conventional flash, I decided to attempt to get some movement in my still images. With no way to measure the ambient light, I shot most exposures with my shutter open for about five seconds, manually flashing the band. This technique gave the still images the illusion of motion.

Violent Hearts - Loop Lounge 12/4/2009

Violent Hearts - Loop Lounge 12/4/2009

Special thanks William, Erin, the Loop and, of course, Violent Hearts. Rock on.

See all the performance pix here:

Violent Hearts

The Loop Lounge
Passaic Park, New Jersey

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