Monday, January 28, 2013

Canon FT - Shutter Curtain Problem

Use it or Lose It!
Always best to shoot or exercise your camera.

After my trusty Canon FT has been sitting for a year, I decided to take it out for a spin this weekend. Sporting a Canon 19mm FL lens and CVS 400 color print film I hit a snag.

At the higher shutter speeds (1/250th and above) the film curtain was only exposing part of the frame (top shot). The bottom shot was exposed using 1/30th.

Could it be the cold weather, lack of use or both. No such problems in the past.

Flickr member "AgfaPan-25" says -
"If the camera has not been used for a long time the shutter might be a little sticky, and repeatability firing the shutter may sort this out."

More here on the problem from the I Shoot Film flickr group -
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  1. Right on Michael! I have experienced similar shutter issues. In fact I now keep my two Kodak Brownies (50-60 years old) on my desk and make it a ritual to trip the shutters a few times every week to keep them "moving." Since I started doing that - no more problems!

    BTW - you and I apparently have similar taste in blog decor. Check out mine at