Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shooting Polaroid on 4x5

Although it took about eight months to get familiar with my newly acquired Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 camera, I'm finally out shooting!

While my exposed Kodak Ektar and High Speed Infrared is at the lab for processing, I shot some Polaroid 57 High Speed Instant Film. Although expired in the 1990s, the film still yielded a reasonable if not grindy image.

First  portrait on Polaroid 57 - fellow photographer Mat Marrash

Kenichi Sugihara - Bassist for The Smoove Sailors

An emotional riff from Pink Delicates' Kevin Neblung
As with anything, the more practice you have, the better you get! It's a different (shooting) work flow using a large format camera and not quite as spontaneous as the smaller formats but the Crown Graphic is quickly growing on me. I look forward to receiving my processed film next week!
Special thanks to Mat Marrash for the help in the field and in the lab!
All photos © Michael Raso 2012

Check out Pink Delicates! and The Smoove Sailors!

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