Sunday, November 20, 2011

Develop Slide Film (E-6) at Home

DIY! Develop Color Slide Film at Home!
above: Still image from our FPP video. Follow link below.

Guest Blog by Mat Marrash

Just a month after finishing a project in B&W film and nearly a year exploring new color negative films, I’m starting to notice just how little attention I’ve been paying to slide film (insert sad face here). Each time I would start shooting some, the excitement of vivid colors on a positive image were quickly overtaken by thoughts of time wasted and more money spent. Regardless of overall quality, sending out your E-6 to be processed is time consuming, and can get expensive fast. And though I love my color lab for their quality and consistency, there are times where cutting out the middle man and saving a buck just sounds better. Enter in the world of home processing. For a minimum start-up cost, a warm sink, and about an hour of free time, you can start processing your own E-6 film at home.

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