Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make Your Own Silver Gelatin Prints!

8x10 Backlog Print 2
guest blog by Mat Marrash

Forget scanning and inkjet printers, head to the darkroom and make your very own silver gelatin prints!

When you take a picture on black and white film, light is permeating layers of sensitized silver, physically altering the structure of the silver and thereby capturing the image. Through development, the light-struck silver develops as black for highlight values and becomes increasingly more transparent for shadow values. To get a positive image, one must either scan the film and reverse the image digitally, or do the traditional thing and make a gelatin silver print. Much like the B&W film, a gelatin silver print is an image suspended in a layer of silver gelatin, but on a paper substrate. Enough about the science behind it, have you seen one of these prints?!

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