Thursday, August 4, 2011

April-Lea Hutchinson - Shooting Expired Polaroid 108

April-Lea Hutchinson

April-Lea Hutchinson is a film photographer and model from London, Ontario. Shooting primarily with Polaroid and Holga cameras, April says in her own words – “I look for emotion to tell a story and reveal the beauty in my characters. Beyond the aesthetic qualities imparted by instant film and long exposures, my empathetic relationship with the person in front of the camera infuses my images with comfortable intimacy and perhaps a touch of nostalgia.”

April-Lea loves shooting with expired Polaroid color film. I recently sent her some samples of expired Polaroid 108 color instant film from our FPP Store. I followed up about her Polaroid 420 camera and experience with the color-funky-awesome Polaroid 108 film!

Read More at The Film Photography Project.

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  1. I've been checking out the Polaroid 420:) Thanks for posting this. It would be nice to play around with some expired film. I'm excited to try so many things. I'm just getting started with film.