Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preston James’ Vintage Polaroid 225 Automatic Land Camera

self portrait

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Last week I announced our first Film Photography Project “Cameras Need TLC Too” giveaway. Many cameras acquired by Film Photography Project (FPP) have suffered years of storage in dusty attics and/or have some cosmetic defects. A few smudges, scrapes and discoloration certainly do not warrant that we send a working camera to the land fill, so after thorough testing, we offer them up to our blog readers and Internet radio listeners free of charge.

Cameras Need Love Too!

On Monday Preston James won the Polaroid 225 Automatic Land camera. Preston is from Lehi, Utah USA and first started shooting four years ago. His first camera was a Minolta 35mm Automatic and he quickly moved on to the Canon AE-1 after finding it at a local thrift store. Preston’s newest cameras are the Mamiya M645 and the Olympus Trip 35 (which rarely leaves his hand!).

Although Preston has shot with Polaroid 600 and SX-70 cameras, he has never experienced shooting with a Polaroid “pack” camera. All of us at FPP and thrilled to give Preston the opportunity to shoot and experiment with this great instant photography format. The Polaroid 225 camera now has a new home!

Images above:

Preston James self-portrait shot with his Mamiya M645 on 220 film

Image of Preston’s new vintage Polaroid 225 Automatic Camera (image by Michael Raso)

We welcome Preston to the Film Photography Project community and encourage you to view his work on

“Seagull” Minolta 35mm Automatic image by Preston James

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