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Canon T-50: The Amazing Canon FD SLR Point & Shoot Camera Part 2

1983 CanonT50 camera

blog by Michael Raso
When I read Brian Moore's guest blog on the Canon T50 camera my curiosity was piqued. I've been shooting with the Canon AE-1 Program camera since 1982 and since then, many other models using the Canon arsenal of FD lenses. I've simply ignored the 1983 T50 - mostly because the camera is completely automatic. I couldn't resist so I purchased not one but two T50 cameras on e-bay here in the states.

The manual focus Canon T50 is most likely the simplest camera in the FD arsenal. Program - Off - Battery Check are the only top controls. No "B" bulb, no PC flash input, no cable-release input. Turning the FD lens from "A" Automatic to f-stops switches the camera to 1/60th sec. This gives you the (limited choice) option of going manual and allowing the use of off-brand flashes.

The T50 is simplistic joy - allowing me to concentrate on my shots and leaving the exposure chores to the camera. As an all-manual photo guy - I must admit, it was difficult giving up the control of shutter and aperture, but the results were more than pleasing.

below: Canon T50 test shots - Butler, NJ USA

grand opening

Canon T50 camera test

Flip-Side Records - Pompton Lakes, NJ USA

New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway / Butler, NJ USA

Canon designed the 244T flash specifically for use with the T50. While other flashes work just fine, the Canon 244T performed the best.
below: Canon T50 Flash Tests

Canon T50 / Canon 177A Flash test (Overexposed)
Image using the Canon 177A Flash

Canon T50 Flash Test - Starblitz Pro-5000 GTZ-Twin flash (Overexposed)
Image using the Starblitz Pro-5000 GTZ-Twin flash

Canon T50 Flash Test - Canon 244T flash
Image using the Canon 244T Flash

Film Photography Podcast listener and contributor Brian Moore's night photography using the T50 inspired me to venture out at night and try my luck at some night shots. Pretty pleasing results considering the T50 shutter is limited to a 2 second exposure.

Canon T50 - Night Photography

Canon T50 Night Photography

Carnival Spot Pizzeria / Canon T50

Canon T50 Night Photography

Additional Canon T 50 shots in my T50 Flickr set:

Canon T-50: The Amazing Canon FD SLR Point & Shoot Camera Part 1
by Brian Moore

Canon T50 Group on Flickr:

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