Thursday, January 6, 2011

Film Photography Podcast listener to the rescue!

Blog by Michael Raso
producer, Film Photography Podcast

On the January 1st Film Photography Podcast, I announced that during the frenzy of the December holidays, two Film Photography Podcast “giveaway” cameras got misplaced (!)

Emily Savill's Vivitar PN2011
The Vivitar PN2011 / photo by Michael Raso -

Kiev 6C TTL (Kiev 6S TTL)
The KIEV 6C photographed by Siim Vahur -

The Vivitar PN2011 and the Kiev 6C have virtually disappeared from the FPP studio, leaving our podcast winners empty-handed. Confidence is high that these cameras will be found in the coming days, but to date, they remain elusive.

I’m thrilled to announce that, in the meantime, FPP listener Justin Channell has donated a Vivitar PN2011 to FPP winner Brian Moore.

Brian, a listener and contributor, wrote a guest blog on our Film Photography Project Blog site in December.

Justin Channell, photographer and filmmaker, has been a listener and friend of the FPP since its inception in October of 2009.

Thank you - the FPP community is the best!!

About The Film Photography Podcast
Launched in October of 2009, the Film Photography Podcast is a 90 minute, bi-weekly Internet radio program, exploring a wide range of topics relevant to the experienced and aspiring photographer using film as a medium. Hosts Michael Raso and Duane Polcou enthusiastically dissect and debate the pros-and-cons of film formats, do-it-yourself techniques, digital technologies, and vintage and contemporary cameras and accessories in a thorough, informative and casual manner. Regular features include Camera tests and reviews, “book of the month”, interviews, a listener-generated Q&A, and film-related giveaways.

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Episode 25 – January 1, 2011

Episode topics - Kodachrome no more, 110 film format, sprocket hole photography, black & white home development, camera giveaways and much more. Hosted by Michael Raso, Duane Polcou and special guest John Fedele.

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Special thanks to Emily Savill and Dan Domme (who donated the original cameras).

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