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The Film Photography Podcast Journal / Episode 19 / November 5, 2010

show notes by Michael Raso

2010 PDN Photo Expo NYC

A great year for film! The future of Film Photography explored at the 2010 PDN Photo Expo, NYC.

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Mat Marrash / PDN Photo Expo NYC
(above) Mat Marrash photographed with the Polaroid Spectra AF camera on Impossible Project PZ 600 Silver Shade Instant Film

First up, Duane and I interviewed FPP listener Mat Marrash. Mat trekked out from Ohio to visit NYC. He had his Temba camera bag stuffed with cameras!!!

We also met up with FPP listeners Michael Calleia and Robert Tuttle. Both guys spent a few minutes with Duane and myself discussing cameras and film.

Unique Photo Guys
(above)Unique Photo guys Mike Zawadzki and friend at the PDN

I chatted with Mike Zawadzki from Unique Photo about Unique supporting film and hands-on instructions on using film cameras.

2010 PDN Photo Expo NYC

Michelle Bates (pictured above) was at the Freestyle Photographic booth signing copies of her new book – “PLASTIC CAMERAS Toying with Creativity.” She was kind enough to chat with me about her her new book and experiences with Holga cameras.

PLASTIC CAMERAS Toying with Creativity by Michelle Bates

We’re giving away one copy of Michelle’s new book on The Film Photography Podcast. To enter, please e-mail your name, address and a paragraph about yourself (and your photography) to: FilmPhotographyPodcast (at)
Entries must be in by November 19, 2010. One winner will be picked at random on our December podcast.

2010 PDN Photo Expo NYC

Eric Joseph from Freestyle Photographic Supply (pictured above) had a brisk chat with Duane discussing the bright future of film photography.

Film Photography Podcast's  YouTube Channel

We recently launched our YouTube channel with the hope of bringing more of our audio segments “to life” via video. The URL is:

Below is the most recent video: “How to Use a Polaroid Pack Camera.”

Duane and I were thrilled to interview Keith Canham. Keith (pictured below) is owner of Canham Cameras, Inc., specializing in custom made, large format cameras designed for professional photographers. Keith’s special project is working directly with Eastman Kodak and photographers around the world to assure that film stock is available for large format cameras.

2010 PDN Photo Expo NYC

2010 PDN Photo Expo NYC

Scott DeSabato, Marketing Manager, Professional Film, Eastman Kodak Company (pictured middle above w/ Duane Polcou and Keith Canham) was on hand to share and discuss information about new film stocks and the bright outlook for film photography. According to Scott, “It’s been a great year for film.”

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April (pictured below) is a photographer / model from London Ontario

April-lea Hutchinson
“My work as a photographer is part of a longstanding relationship with the camera that began with modeling. I have a fondness for film and a deep desire to photograph people as people, breaking from expected norms of beauty. In my work, I look for emotion, try to tell a story, and reveal the beauty in my characters. Beyond the aesthetic qualities imparted by instant film and long exposures, my empathetic relationship with the person in front of the camera infuses my images with comfortable intimacy and perhaps a touch of nostalgia. I create timeless images using a mix of Medium Format and Polaroid Film. I am a purist at heart.”

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