Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kiron Konclusion / Sears Big Zoom at Film Premiere

After complaining about quality issues with my Kiron 28 – 210mm Super Zoom (for Canon FD) in previous blog postings, I decided to look through my photo notes and find additional shots using the lens. Fellow Kiron lens user Chuck Norcutt pointed out in an e-mail to me that perhaps I was being a bit harsh on the lens considering its usage in a dark environment (also previous posts).

Kiron 28 - 210mm Lens for Canon FD / Faulty Lens

Well, "The proof of the pudding is the eating" as the age-old expression goes. Most of the images I shot with the Kiron lens have some focus issue, leading to my final opinion that this particular lens is faulty. I purchased this lens used from e-bay and although the auction description described the lens as “in awesome shape, “ I have no way of knowing its past history.

So, to be perfectly fair to myself (and the Kiron using community) I’m going to purchase another in the near future.

SCULPTURE NJ Screening 8/5/2009

This past Wednesday I received an invite to screen Pete Jacelone’s independent horror flick “Sculpture.” A cast Q&A followed the screening, so I brought along a small bag. In it was my Canon AE-1, Canon 199A flash and the Sears 60 – 300mm FD lens. Recently purchased on e-bay, I thought it time to give the lens a test.

SCULPTURE NJ Screening 8/5/2009

Size and weight aside, the lens was pretty easy to handle and focus. I was thankful that the theater (Multi Media Arts Center, Bloomfield, NJ) had stage lights to illuminate the folks on-stage. Overall, very pleased with the results.

The 60 – 300mm is available often on e-bay and usually goes for about $

More shots can be seen at:

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